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Websites / Projects

I've worked on 100+ websites during my web dev career so far. Below are a small number of the sites/projects I've been a part of. Please read the descriptions below to learn about my role in these projects.

*note: Because some of these projects were completed years ago (and the constantly evolving nature of the Internet), they may have been updated/changed by the owner(s) and/or different developer(s) since I last worked on them. - Tunlr - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer is a Smart DNS service that allows you to stream content from all over the world. I was brought onto this project to integrate subscription payments via PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. - YYZ - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

For this Shopify site, I customized and launched the site, organized product delivery from the manufacturer, aided in the integration of drop-shipping by a third party, and photographed the product. - Free Books - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

With, I published hundreds of user submitted free ebooks, ran the site's Facebook page, and maintained and implemented many ad solutions like Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Program. - Free Dictionary - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

I built Free Dictionary with Laravel. The definitions were found online, then imported into a MySQL database. If a user's search isn't found in the database, it's fetched through the Pearson API. - Free Money - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Free Money is an ad-supported website with hundreds of articles detailing how to make, earn, and find money. A cool feature I built lets users submit tips that are then rated by the site's readers. - Company Name - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Company Name was built with Laravel. The site supported making offers on domains, negotiating prices, purchasing names, and even financing through Stripe. Unfortunately, this site is not live anymore. - SLF Inc - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

SLF needed a public facing Wordpress website that was easy to use by its customers and its web admins. is regularly updated to reflect the company's mission, portfolio, and direction. - Government Grant - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Government Grant uses data from publicly available sources like to help users find grants that may be applicable to them. It is an ad-supported site with fairly high traffic stats. - Government Grants - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Government Grants is a website that helps its users find grants offered by the United States government. It was built in Wordpress to allow the admin to easily update grant offerings regularly. - Cheap Websites - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Cheap Websites, a site built with Laravel, publishes reviews on hosting solutions, VPN products, and Smart DNS services. In addition to developing the site, I commissioned writers for the reviews.

This Wordpress site aggregates the many used furniture stores in the United States. It is an ad-supported website with an easy to use back-end for adding additional stores to its growing database. - Hamilton Cab - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Hamilton Cab

Hamilton Cab needed a website that was easy to navigate, easy to update, and mobile-friendly. It's driven by WordPress, employs Bootstrap, and is responsive.


Green-Port asked for a website that was heavily structured with clear and consistent margins. The front page displays a large and attractive slider. It's built on top of Wordpress and Bootstrap - Albanese Branding - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Albanese Branding

Albanese Branding, a marketing, strategy, and design company needed a rebuild of their website. The new site is clean and communicates the company's vision well. Built with WordPress and Bootstrap. - Third Planet Energy - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Third Planet Energy

Third Planet Energy wanted to move from a Drupal site to a WordPress site to simplify and expand the company's online outreach. The new site is built with WordPress, Bootstrap, and is responsive. - Hamilton Home Comfort - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Hamilton Home Comfort

Hamilton Home Comfort wanted a new simple and static website that was clean, showed off their new logo, and displayed their most popular products. The site is built with Bootstrap. - Bogar Paterson - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Bogar Paterson

Bogar Paterson's new website is built with WordPress and Bootstrap. A far departure from their previously static website, the new site can now be edited and customized by the site's web admin. - Beech Consulting - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Beech Consulting

Alan Beech from Beech Consulting, needed a new simple but dynamic site that expressed just what his counselling service is about. This new site built with WordPress does that with minimal content.

Painting Canada - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Painting Canada

Painting Canada is a WordPress driven site that takes advantage of the really cool and simple CSS3 transform property to rotate images in the slider and body copy on almost every page. - St. Elizabeth Home Society - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

St. Elizabeth Home Society

The St. Elizabeth Home Society is a very robust WordPress site with features that include property listings, photo galleries, and contact forms. The new site answers all of the client's requests. - Andrzej Tarasiuk - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

An update to a site I previously built for a Toronto Artist. Andrzej decided to change his domain name, and took this opportunity to simplify his site to be more simple, and more focused on his work. - Sio Art - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer


I designed and built this site for SIO (Andrzej Tarasiuk), a Toronto artist. The site is built with WordPress and it uses a quick loading and easy to use jQuery gallery for viewing the artist's works. - Enliven Day Spa - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Enliven Day Spa

This website was built for a brand new spa in Caledonia, Ontario. The home page displays an easy to update coupon that can be changed to reflect the current promotion at the spa. - Smith Laser - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith's previous site was compromised and needed to be re-built quickly with the previous site's design and content. The new WordPress site is constantly updated and secure. - On Ice Goaltending School - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

On Ice Goaltending School

On Ice Goaltending School is a goaltending school in Hamilton. This WordPress site gives the client a lot of control over the information displayed on the home page, store pages, and inner pages.

Yates Pioneer Cup - Adam Sawicki Toronto Web Developer

Yates Cup Pioneer Content

This micro site was built for a week-long contest run by Pioneer and the Yates Cup. It was a simple site that accepted form submissions from Bonus Bucks card holders.


Attending the University of Toronto and Centennial College afforded me an education that was both theoretical and practical. My double degree in New Media and English from the University of Toronto provided me with a strong understanding of design and development concepts. In addition to my University experience, I also gained practical knowledge through the completion of Centennial College's Interactive Digital Media Certificate program.

New Media and English H.B.A.

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 2005 - April 2009

Relevant Courses

  • Interface Design, Navigation, and Interaction
  • Application Software for Interactive Media

Interactive Digital Media Certificate

Centennial College

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 2008 - August 2008

Relevant Courses

  • Interactive Digital Industry
  • Design for Online Environment

Interests and Hobbies

I love trying new things, going new places, and watching and playing hockey. Lots and lots of hockey.


Ice hockey, ball hockey, snowboarding, soccer, dodgeball, squash, biking, hiking, and camping.

Video Games

Gaming on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC. I eagerly await Steam sales.


Playing the guitar, bass, piano, and ukelele, listening to music, and going to concerts.


Building PCs and Hackintoshes, listening to tech podcasts, and subscribing to dozens of tech subreddits.

Movies and TV

Going to the Movies, watching Netflix, and keeping up with as many HBO shows and Netflix Originals as possible.


Travelling and exploring new places near and far. I also taught English in South Korea for a year and half.

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