Adam Sawicki

Adam Sawicki

Engineering Manager | Software Engineer | Marketing Tech Leader

2024 - New site! Powered by Notion + Next.js + Vercel, using React Notion X. It’s a pretty interesting way to put up a personal site - let’s see how it works 😎
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Hey! I'm Adam Sawicki, I'm currently an Engineering Manager at Rose Rocket 🚀
I've been a part of the Toronto web and technology community for over 10 years, building everything from:
  • 📈 Crypto marketing sites, to…
  • 📘 Brochure websites for small businesses, to…
  • 🌐 Custom WordPress sites, to…
  • 🤑 Sites driven by content marketing, to…
  • 🚛 Building a world-class Truck Management System
I love learning, being challenged, and building stuff.
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🎢 Projects For Fun

Thready - A React Native Mobile App for Thread Tracking
🍎 Apple App Store
🤖 Google Play Store
Wordle Score to Golf Score
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💼 Career

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Engineering Manager @ Rose Rocket
I lead a team of Software Engineers that deliver high quality features for a very profitable segment of our paying user base.
Toronto, Apr 2022 - Present
Marketing Tech Lead @ Coinsquare
I rebuilt the Marketing Site from the ground up with exciting tech like React, TypeScript, Gatsby, GraphQL, server-less functions, CI/CD, powerful analytical tools like Segment and AppsFlyer, connected to a CMS and a CRM, and a few API-integrated vendors helping us do everything else.
Toronto, Mar 2018 - Apr 2022
Wordpress Developer @ Pixelcarve
Transformed modern and dynamic designs created by the in-house design team to custom WordPress themes.
Toronto, Jul 2017 - Feb 2018
Web Developer / SEO Specialist @ YTZ
Monetized 100+ (not an exaggeration) websites by way of content marketing and online advertising.
Toronto, Oct 2013 - May 2017
Web Developer @ Albanese Branding / Thinkr Marketing
Built and maintained websites for small-to-medium-size businesses in the greater Hamilton area.
Hamilton, Mar 2012 - Jun 2013

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